on-demand building envelope consulting

Get straightforward building envelope advice and recommendations to help with your projects. We’re your outsourced building envelope guru.

how does it work?

archiTECH is a simple service to help you design and build better buildings, stress free. We want to be your go-to resource for practical knowledge and tips related to building durability, performance, sustainability, and occupant comfort.

The service includes:

  • access to a chat app monitored by building envelope experts
  • connect via any device—in the field or in the office
  • chat with us whenever you have a question
  • post photos, files or links to help clarify your question or the issue to be reviewed
  • access to a community forum made up of professionals focused on high performance design and construction
  • access to members-only content from the experts at Copeland Building Envelope Consulting

Our ongoing collaboration with Copeland Building Envelope Consulting through their archiTECH program has been a joy. Matt and his team are responsive, knowledgeable, and generous with their knowledge. When we as architects bump up against puzzling building envelope conditions, it is a huge comfort to us to know we can rely on Matt and his team to provide an educated opinion and clear direction on how best to proceed. Our projects are better for Matt’s input, and we sleep more soundly at night knowing we have a fellow expert alongside us making solid recommendations to our clients!

Katie Flynn of Hisel Flynn Architects

archiTECH is great for:

  • quick questions that Google can’t answer (or gives conflicting answers)
  • help with individual assembly details (“Will this wall assembly work in Maine?”)
  • questions about materials (“What kind of membrane should I use here?” or “What kind of insulation is best for this wall?”)
  • concept questions (“Do I need a vapor barrier here?” or “Where should the air barrier be in this wall assembly?”)
  • help finding additional resources
  • detail reviews and markups

why it’s different

  • significantly reduced rates—leveraging technology means big savings for you
  • no proposals and project setup—just jump in and chat with an expert
  • got a quick question?—a 3 minute task is billed as a 3 minute task
  • communicate in real time via modern tools—contact us from anywhere, whenever the need arises with the ease of a text message
  • simple recurring billing with automatic payments—cut down on administrative headache


Your designs deserve performance to match your vision. We can help.

archiTECH isn’t for everything

With all that said, there are still some times when other services may make more sense. Here are some services that are not covered by archiTECH:

  • building envelope design services (e.g. detailing, writing specifications)
  • providing engineering calculations
  • in-person services

If you need services like these we’re happy to help in a more traditional consulting role. Check out our full slate of service offerings here.

header image by Daniel McCullough on Unsplash