Exterior CMU Wall Water Leakage Investigation and Coating Repair

Hartford, CT


CopelandBEC provided assistance to a government agency experiencing pervasive water leakage through their building’s exterior concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, as well as widespread exterior wall coating failure.

We reviewed existing conditions and conducted exploratory openings to observe otherwise concealed conditions, revealing how a combination of inadequate CMU control joints (installed during the building’s original construction), improper exterior wall coating product selection, and a previous punched window installation and interior spray foam insulation retrofit are contributing to CMU cracking, exterior coating failure, and the subsequent water leakage experienced.

CopelandBEC collaborated with Sika throughout the project to develop actionable repair recommendations for our client, including specifying repair products such as elastomeric coatings, primers, sealants etc. as well as highlighting various surface preparation considerations.

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