Hands-On with Roof Coatings

The CopelandBEC team traveled to Chelmsford today for a hands-on roof coating workshop with our friends at Atlantic Restoration and Neogard. Atlantic graciously hosted at their facility and provided some great mock-up boards to try out the Neogard materials on.

Roof coatings are not the answer on every project but do offer some significant benefits where applicable:

  • significantly reduced up-front cost compared to complete re-roof
  • reduced risk of leakage during construction
  • less owner/occupant disruption
  • reduced waste to landfill
  • attention to detail is built into the process, focusing the work where leaks are most likely to occur
  • fewer crane picks required to get materials to the roof
CopelandBEC, Neogard, and Atlantic Restoration participating in a roof coatings workshop.

Roof coatings may be an option in lieu of full replacement when the existing roof meets certain criteria, including:

  • good slope to drain
  • sufficient attachment to the structure
  • less than ~25% wet materials

…among others. Let us know if you’d like to discuss a roof coating or roof replacement project at your property… and please subscribe to the blog for more updates right in your inbox. No spam, unsubscribe anytime.

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