Plaza Courtyard Waterproofing Repairs


CopelandBEC provided building envelope investigation and design services to assist a Massachusetts higher education institution with addressing ongoing water leakage below a plaza courtyard.

Our condition assessment revealed numerous defective courtyard waterproofing conditions, including various locations of ponding water at existing drains, aged and undersized stormwater piping, and water leakage into occupied spaces housing sensitive materials below and adjacent to the courtyard. These issues resulted in damage to existing building components.

As a result, our we designed repairs to the waterproofing and related systems including:

  • removing all courtyard assemblies (hardscape and greenscape) down to the structural concrete deck
  • providing improved slope-to-drain with a cementitious overlay
  • installing additional bi-level drains to facilitate increased drainage
  • installing a new cold fluid-applied PUMA waterproofing membrane
  • installing protection and drainage materials, greenscape, and asphalt pavers
  • removing and replacing egress doors adjacent to the courtyard
  • localized curtainwall repairs at buildings adjacent to the courtyard

CopelandBEC worked closely with Wise Construction (general contractor), Tripi Engineering Services (structural engineer), Fitzemeyer & Tocci (MEP engineer), and Michael Van Valkenburgh Associates (landscape architect) to develop innovative solutions providing durable, long-term resistance to water ingress.

Exterior CMU Wall Water Leakage Investigation and Coating Repair

Hartford, CT


CopelandBEC provided assistance to a government agency experiencing pervasive water leakage through their building’s exterior concrete masonry unit (CMU) walls, as well as widespread exterior wall coating failure.

We reviewed existing conditions and conducted exploratory openings to observe otherwise concealed conditions, revealing how a combination of inadequate CMU control joints (installed during the building’s original construction), improper exterior wall coating product selection, and a previous punched window installation and interior spray foam insulation retrofit are contributing to CMU cracking, exterior coating failure, and the subsequent water leakage experienced.

CopelandBEC collaborated with Sika throughout the project to develop actionable repair recommendations for our client, including specifying repair products such as elastomeric coatings, primers, sealants etc. as well as highlighting various surface preparation considerations.

10 Vernon Street

Brookline, MA


In the spring and summer of 2021 CopelandBEC was called in to investigate deterioration of concrete masonry walls, an adjacent concrete sidewalk, and an area below a parking garage ramp at 10 Vernon Street in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Our investigations revealed a lack of effective water management the CMU walls, concrete sidewalk, and concrete ramp. These issues contributed to deterioration of the concrete and steel structure, as well as water leakage into the garage below.

CopelandBEC designed repairs such as replacement of the sidewalk and CMU wall, steel framing repairs, concrete repairs at the ramp, and application of appropriate waterproofing and flashing at repaired areas.

We collaborated with Statewide RM on this project. Statewide provided contractor assistance for exploratory openings as well as construction cost estimates.

SNHU Penmen Stadium Waterproofing Repairs

Hooksett, New Hampshire


CopelandBEC provided investigation, design, and construction phase services to assist Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) with addressing ongoing water leakage below a pedestrian plaza at Penmen Stadium.

The scope of work involved removing an existing concrete topping slab, providing slope to drain with tapered insulation, installing a new heat-welded PVC waterproofing membrane, protection and drainage materials, and precast concrete pavers on pedestals.

Capital Construction navigated a variety of challenging existing conditions as well as a tight schedule between sports seasons.

Gateway Condominiums

Beverly, MA


The North Building at Gateway Condominiums in Beverly, MA had suffered from masonry deterioration at balcony columns since shortly after its original construction. The brick columns exhibited widespread cracking and spalling, creating a maintenance problem as well as a potential safety concern. The balcony waterproofing was also deteriorated.

CopelandBEC worked with a team that included Tripi Engineering Services, LLC (structural engineer) and Knollmeyer Building Corp (general contractor) as well as Lawton Welding and Crocker Architectural Sheet Metal Co., Inc. to resolve these longstanding problems.

Read more details about the project in our project spotlight post, as well as a mid-project update here.

15-17 James Street

Brookline, MA


Copeland Building Envelope Consulting provided comprehensive engineering services to help restore the brick and cast stone masonry facades at this stately 3-story Brookline, MA condominium building. Our services included:

  • condition assessment of the existing masonry, which found significant deterioration including cracked units and unsafe entry portico
  • oversaw the emergency removal of the front entry portico to address immediate life safety concerns
  • designed masonry restoration for all building facades, including repairs to brick and cast stone masonry
  • worked with the contractor to design a new entry portico using alternative materials to address weight, material availability, and cost issues
  • provided construction phase services including regular site visits, field reports, and coordination with the contractor to address unforeseen conditions
  • frequent communication with the condominium Board of Trustees to explain and discuss conditions identified, repair options, and construction progress

Allstar Waterproofing of Stoughton, MA performed the emergency portico removal. Statewide RM of Brookline, MA performed the masonry restoration work including replacement of the portico with a new fiberglass reinforced polymer (FRP) from Architectural Fiberglass, Inc. Statewide has a great write-up on the project on their website.

15-17 James Street in Brookline, MA