New Roof, Wet Insulation

On pretty much every roofing project I’ve ever worked on there’s an issue at one point or another with the new insulation stored on the roof getting wet.

This is new roof insulation that got wet and needs to be removed from the job site.

Maybe it was stored directly on the roof in an area that turned into a puddle.

Maybe the packaging got damaged and it wasn’t otherwise covered.

Sometimes a storm comes through and blows the bundles around.

…whatever the specifics, the issue almost ALWAYS comes up.

Identifying issues like this before damaged insulation gets installed in your new roof is part of the quality assurance services that CopelandBEC can provide.

Roofing is messy work, filled with challenges for everyone involved. It rarely goes as planned and managing risk is a major part of success.

We can be most helpful when we’re involved early in the process. We work hard to head off problems and keep these kind of setbacks to a minimum.

Are you considering roof replacement of an aging EPDM, PVC, or other low-slope roof? We can help you explore options to save money and reduce risk as you tackle this major investment in your building.

By the way, if you’re curious about roofing and like podcasts, I recorded one with the amazing building science team from GAF that you should check out. It’s all about properly designing low-slope roofing to resist wind loads.

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