Roof Wind Design with Jennifer Keegan, Jim Kirby and Ben Meyer (Episode #3)

Why do some roofs end up in the parking lot? Learn the answer to that question and much more in this this information-packed episode where I discuss the ins and outs of wind uplift design for low-slope roofing with Jennifer Keegan (LinkedIn), James R. Kirby (LinkedIn) and Benjamin Meyer (LinkedIn) of the GAF Building & Roofing Science team (LinkedIn).

We walked through the process and talked about what each member of the project team is responsible for. There is a ton of great content here for anyone designing or installing low-slope roofing. Even if you are experienced in this area you might learn something new.

#3: Roof Wind Design with Jennifer Keegan, Jim Kirby and Ben Meyer of GAF Pushing the Envelope


Jennifer Keegan is the Director of Building and Roof Science at GAF. Ms. Keegan holds degrees in architecture from Lehigh University and is an experienced building enclosure consultant who engages with architects, specifiers and consultants to help them design high performance roofs and mitigate their risk by educating them on the science behind roof system performance.

James R. Kirby, AIA is a licensed architect (IL) and holds a master’s decree in architecture from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. He also has a Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Building Design and Construction from Boston Architectural College. Mr. Kirby has expertise in roof system design and construction, weatherproofing and energy-efficiency of the building envelope, and rooftop PV systems.

Benjamin Meyer is a Building & Roofing Science Architect at GAF and holds degrees in architecture and business from the University of Cincinnati. Mr. Meyer is a licensed architect in several states and is a Director of the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA).

The GAF Building & Roofing Science team conducts research on industry issues and shares their knowledge through technical papers, conference presentations, seminars, webinars, articles and blog posts.

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