We are a dedicated team of building envelope fanatics eager to help you make better buildings.

Matthew Copeland, P.E.


An experienced building envelope consultant, Mr. Copeland has helped owners, architects, contractors, developers, property managers and attorneys throughout the United States to resolve their building envelope problems.

Matt founded Copeland Building Envelope Consulting in 2018.

Mr. Copeland’s CV

Edward Farrington

Senior Project Manager

Mr. Farrington brings to the practice over 25 years of experience in the building enclosure and architecture field. Edward applies his knowledge and skill to construction administration, investigation, condition survey, peer review, building renovation, rehabilitation, historic restoration and new building design.

Kiran Sam Thomas


Mr. Thomas has a Master of Science in Civil Engineering from Northeastern University and has previously worked in construction management roles on the new Lowell Trial Court in Lowell, MA as well as at Artech Celestia premium apartments in Trivandrum, India.

William Begley

Senior Drafter

Mr. Begley is a talented drafter, designer and building envelope detailer. With nearly 40 years of professional experience Bill brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm. From that experience Bill is intimately familiar with the inner workings of roofing, waterproofing, windows, curtain wall, cladding and other building envelope systems.

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