Condominium Building Envelope Consulting

Is your condominium association looking for a building envelope consultant? We are condominium building envelope experts.

Copeland Building Envelope Consulting has unique expertise dealing with condominium building envelope problems. Mr. Copeland has helped to resolve building envelope issues at hundreds of condo units at dozens of associations throughout New England and across the U.S.

Condominium building envelope replacement in progress
Condominium building envelope repairs in progress; CopelandBEC consulted on this complete condominium building envelope replacement in Franklin, MA

Building envelope projects at condominiums are equal parts technical and personal. We understand that these are people’s homes and we work hard to help our clients through what can be a stressful time dealing with water intrusion or major repairs.

Your direct, honest and low-key non-confrontational approach was a breath of fresh air.

Wayne Howe, R.S. Mowery & Sons

Condominium Building Envelope Investigations

We often investigate building envelope problems at condominium buildings. Our condominium building envelope investigation services include:

  • condominium building envelope condition assessments
  • condominium roof leak investigations
  • window and door leaks
  • ice dam leakage investigations
Condominium roofing replacement in progress
Roof replacement in progress at multi-story condominium building; CopelandBEC consulted on this complete building envelope replacement in Beverly, MA

Condominium Building Envelope Repairs

Once we understand what’s causing your condominium building envelope problem, we help to resolve it. Our condominium building envelope repair services include:

  • complete condominium building envelope replacement design and consulting services
  • condominium roof replacement design
  • condominium building envelope maintenance and repair recommendations
  • drawings and specifications
  • Massachusetts construction control
  • window specifications, roof specifications
  • flashing details
  • bidding assistance

Your drawings are wonderfully clear.

Judy Oates, Condominium Trustee
Condominium ice dam leakage repair in progress
CopelandBEC designed an elegant roofing, ventilation and insulation repair to address severe ongoing ice dam-related leakage at this condominium in Burlington, MA.

We provide condominium building envelope services in Massachusetts (including Boston and Worcester areas), as well as throughout New England and across the United States.

Please get in touch today to discuss the unique issues impacting your condominium community. We look forward to hearing from you.