Hands-On with Roof Coatings

The CopelandBEC team traveled to Chelmsford today for a hands-on roof coating workshop with our friends at Atlantic Restoration and Neogard. Atlantic graciously hosted at their facility and provided some great mock-up boards to try out the Neogard materials on.

Roof coatings are not the answer on every project but do offer some significant benefits where applicable:

  • significantly reduced up-front cost compared to complete re-roof
  • reduced risk of leakage during construction
  • less owner/occupant disruption
  • reduced waste to landfill
  • attention to detail is built into the process, focusing the work where leaks are most likely to occur
  • fewer crane picks required to get materials to the roof
CopelandBEC, Neogard, and Atlantic Restoration participating in a roof coatings workshop.

Roof coatings may be an option in lieu of full replacement when the existing roof meets certain criteria, including:

  • good slope to drain
  • sufficient attachment to the structure
  • less than ~25% wet materials

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Why are we here?

The post below is taken directly from our internal team wiki. The intent of sharing it here is to give a bit more context to what it’s like working with us and lay out our motivations for doing the work that we do. We’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

apparently not Albert Einstein

We are here to solve problems.

We want more buildings that last centuries instead of decades. We want durability and resiliency so that we can conserve limited resources. We want to help people create sustainable shelter for generations to come.

But building problems keep occurring. Roofs leak or blow off. Windows leak or get covered in condensation. Basements (you guessed it) leak or become dank and unusable.

We know how to build so that performance problems are avoided. The fundamental knowledge about how to build better is readily available.

Yet, we keep making the same mistakes and problems keep occurring.

Why? What can we do differently to create better outcomes?

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First Edition of Building Envelope Self-Help Published

Today we published the inaugural edition of Building Envelope Self-Help, a page on our website intended to help provide some basic building envelope first principles and free resources.

There are a few key principles that can guide you to the answer to almost any building envelope question. Think of these principles as a roadmap—an algorithm—that will always guide you to the right destination.

Check it out at copelandbec.com/self-help

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WuXi Wall Cladding Continues

Despite the winter weather work continues at our WuXi Biologics project in Worcester, MA. Steel topped off in September and the construction team, led by The Cardinal Group, is now working on cladding and roofing (as weather permits).

WuXi Biologics facility under construction at the Reactory development in Worcester, MA
A new year, same grey New England winter.

CopelandBEC has been providing building envelope design consulting during the design assist process over the past year, and is currently providing construction phase quality assurance services including regular site visits to observe the ongoing work.

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