Limestone by the sea

Take a look at the difference in the limestone sills on the left and right side of the image below.

The one on the left is new and the one on the right is about 70 years old, having spent those 7 decades directly exposed to the ocean. The erosion of the limestone on the right is from this exposed to salt-laden mist from the sea.

Here’s a closeup:

Similar 70 year old limestone sills on the opposite side of the building (not facing the ocean) look great.

Does an AVB control water?

The language of building science can be very confusing. Terms often mean something different than what the plain English interpretation would lead you to believe. In this LinkedIn post, we tackle one such term: AVB.

AVB is an acronym for “air and vapor barrier”, but it has a hidden “W'” too. An AVB also controls liquid water in addition to air and water vapor. Check out the full post below for more explanation.

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