Don’t Buy Replacement Windows

Protip: Don’t buy “replacement” windows.

If you need new windows, ask your contractor for “new construction” windows.

Yes, it will cost more. That’s because “replacement” windows don’t actually replace your existing window. They get installed inside of it. The old, often failed, window frame is still there (still leaking if it did before). “New construction” windows are actually… wait for it… new windows.

This is especially important advice for condo owners (at least here in MA where unit owners own their windows). Here’s why…

Your association may decide to replace the siding at some point. When that happens it’s going to be really difficult to re-use your new “replacement” windows that you just paid for.

There’s a good chance you’ll be encouraged/required to pony up for new windows all over again, and throw your “replacement” windows into the dumpster.

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