Drone Photography with Mindi Sokoloski (Episode #4)

Unmanned aerial photography, aka “drone” photography, is becoming more prevalent in many building-related applications including design, investigations and construction. We’ve made extensive use of drones for building envelope inspections on several projects. That’s why when we had an opportunity to make a podcast about drone photography we jumped at it.

In today’s episode our guest is Mindi Sokoloski (LinkedIn) of Multispectral Aerial Solutions. We talk about using drones to improve efficiency and reduce risk as well as technologies like photogrammetry. We hope you enjoy the episode.

#4: Drone Photography with Mindi Sokoloski of Multispectral Aerial Service Pushing the Envelope


Mindi Sokoloski is the Owner and CEO of Multispectral Aerial Solutions, a comprehensive UAV data collection company based in Quincy, MA

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featured image photo credit: Josh Sorenson on Unsplash

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