Brookline Requires Facade Inspections

The Town of Brookline, Massachusetts Building Department requires periodic inspections for multi-family residential buildings in the town. The inspections are required every 5 years, and it is the building owner’s responsibility to apply for inspection and certification.

As part of the application process, the building owner is required to submit reports from experts who have evaluated certain building systems. Among the building systems that must be evaluated every 5 years in Brookline is the facade (exterior walls) including parapets for masonry buildings over 2 stories. The intent of this requirement is to identify and address any falling hazards that may exist.

Per the Brookline Building Commissioner:

…a Facade/Parapet certification for masonry buildings 3 stories or higher must be prepared and submitted by a Licensed Professional (i.e. Structural Eng., Architect) to the Building Department.

Brookline Building Commissioner

To meet Brookline’s requirements the building owner must submit an Application for Certificate of Inspection available from the Town of Brookline Building Department website. Expert reports are to be submitted along with the application.

If you’re a Brookline building owner we would be happy to help with this required facade and parapet certification. Contact us to discuss options or to setup an inspection.

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