Why Roof Inspections are Important

Roofs are often ignored until a problem shows up inside the building that can’t be ignored. We posted about this on LinkedIn today.

The issue is that roofs are hard to see. You have to actively decide to go up there and look around, or have someone do it, to know what’s going on. If you wait until water shows up in the office or bedroom downstairs—or part of the roof is in the parking lot because it blew off—then it is too late. Damage from a roof leak that has made its way into the building is often extensive, and far more expensive to fix than just the cost of repairing the roofing alone.

Roof inspections, performed regularly, help to solve this problem. Benefits of annual (at least) roof inspections include:

  • Roof inspections identify problems early, which usually results in less expensive repairs.
  • Changes in the condition of the roofing are apparent because you are checking in frequently.
  • Each roof inspection should include a written report. These reports, over time, create a thorough history of the roof which makes warranty or insurance claims and other repair efforts much easier.
  • By using the same professional to perform your regular roof inspections, you develop a relationship and that professional will be better able to help should a problem develop with your roof. Your inspector will have all of the records for your roof and will be familiar with the unique characteristics and history of your building. You know who to call.
  • Regular roof inspections allow you to plan ahead for the eventual replacement of the roof. Roofs don’t last forever and most folks would rather have time to budget for roof replacement instead of being surprised with a complete roofing failure out of the blue.
  • Roof inspections reduce the risk of high-impact failures such as blow-offs, leaks into sensitive spaces and even structural collapse from overloading (e.g. as a result of clogged drains).

Roof inspections are relatively inexpensive and readily available. They’re great preventative maintenance that help to save money and prevent big headaches in the long run.

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